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Announcing our next issue! The Eighties. Black Candies is a journal of literary horror and darkness. In these dark corners, we have infinite room to grow, and to innovate. We’re allowed to push boundaries and set precedents. We revel in the daring. We aim to scare. Scary can be good. Scary […]

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Angles from THE GRIP OF IT (FSG 2017) by Jac Jemc
 (Originally appeared in Black Candies: See Through) Illustration by Laura Gwynne   Some people have such long lives. Some people have lives they don’t even realize will end. Some people live a whole lifetime preparing for time they’ll never see. If […]

“Angles,” fiction by Jac Jemc

blackcandies aug 2016
Join us for a reading from the archives! We’ll be at Verbatim Books in San Diego (North Park) on Saturday, August 27th. We wanted to celebrate our other editions and give some new life to the amazing work in them. featuring stories from: Rory Kelly (See Through) Julia Dixon Evans […]

Black Candies: A Sweet Night of Horror

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Scar Show by Sarah Rose Etter Illustration by Adam Vieyra (From Black Candies: See Through) It’s before curtain time, and it smells like powder in the dressing room. I am doing the thing with the lavender oil on my temples, the stretching of both calves, the touching of the toes. […]

“Scar Show,” a short story by Sarah Rose Etter

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Slow Waves By Sarah Jean Alexander Illustration by Carabella Sands (From Black Candies: See Through) I added a cup of chopped carrots and onions to the pot and stirred the soup. Jack walked over and took the wooden stirrer from my hand. He lifted a spoonful to his mouth, blew […]

“Slow Waves,” a short story by Sarah Jean Alexander

Miasma By C.A. Schaefer Illustration by Carabella Sands (from Black Candies: See Through) If you could see my face, you would know how white it is. But I do not paint my face like our fine ladies. No chalky lead paint. This is a starker white, never seeing the sun or […]

“Miasma,” a short story by C.A. Schaefer

We are so excited to announce the theme for our next, special women-identifying only edition of Black Candies, our journal of literary horror: GROSS AND UNLIKEABLE. Here at Black Candies, we’re always striving to create a better platform for women writers, who are often underrepresented in horror, genre, and speculative outlets. For this […]

Black Candies 2016: WOMEN. Gross and Unlikeable.

I’m Pogo By Lindsay Hunter Illustration by Carabella Sands (from Black Candies: See Through) Most clowns paint their smiles with rounded corners to appear friendlier to children. But boys don’t think they’re afraid of anything. Better they learn. Paint your face with blood and bone… Here is a clown’s home. The […]

“I’m Pogo,” a short story by Lindsay Hunter