We are so excited to announce the theme for our next, special women-identifying only edition of Black Candies, our journal of literary horror: GROSS AND UNLIKEABLE. Here at Black Candies, we’re always striving to create a better platform for women writers, who are often underrepresented in horror, genre, and speculative outlets. For this […]

Black Candies 2016: WOMEN. Gross and Unlikeable.

I’m Pogo By Lindsay Hunter Illustration by Carabella Sands (from Black Candies: See Through) Most clowns paint their smiles with rounded corners to appear friendlier to children. But boys don’t think they’re afraid of anything. Better they learn. Paint your face with blood and bone… Here is a clown’s home. The […]

“I’m Pogo,” a short story by Lindsay Hunter

Our own Julia Evans recently got to interview Ryan Bradford, editor of Black Candies, our journal of literary horror. He also volunteers as So Say We All’s creative director, as well as a producer, performer, and writing coach for us. Black Candies: Surveillance was recently released (and is currently a Recommended Book […]

Black Candies Editor Ryan Bradford on Why Horror Matters